Savannah Gallery

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Thanks for stopping by for a visit.  The Gallery has enjoyed a web presence for over a decade now, and although often overlooked through the years, we promise to keep our new site fresh and interesting, with new works uploaded at the same time they are hung on the Gallery’s walls.

Please don’t hesitate to email or call (264) 497-2263 to request additional photos of specific artists’ works, detail photos of works on the site, or information relating to these artists.  Drop a note to say hello – it’s always my pleasure to touch base.


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Short days here, like everywhere else, and although I’m out with the dogs at the usual time, about 6:30, the sun’s just rising at that time.  Glad I took my camera with my coffee mug this morning – I was rewarded with a particularly beautiful sunrise……….d1

These two paintings, new into the gallery, are by a younger generation of Haitian artists, and I’m delighted to see the quality of the work from this new generation still shines.  The “Tree of Life” is by Serge Pierre, son the late great artist Fernand Pierre.  The anthropomorphic “Cat Life” is by Franz Mattieu.  I love them both!h1h2

Art Theory 101

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Collect the art you love.  Don’t worry about what matches what – it’s your collection!!!  Thanks TBM……

Fauna Day at the gallery….

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Hilarious critters abounded at the gallery today.  Augie has this new t’ing she does – waits for me in the morning on the roof of the gallery, then saunters down the big gynep tree out back, meeting O’Malley and tucking into breakfast.  I was NOT prepared, however, for this very odd goat, who seemed to have escape captivity (dragging his own rope).  He was extremely animated, and had me and a gallery guest in stitaug2aug1g2g3ches!

Lunch at Malliouhana

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SO nice to see Anguilla’s beloved Malliouhana hotel re-opened.  We all missed the Grande Dame whilst closed, and am delighted to see it all looking so spectacular.  I enjoyed dinner with friends on the weekend, and took my pics today, while we all enjoyed a fab lunch poolside.

For lunch, we all started with this amazing focaccia bread, beautifully seasoned, and served with rosemary olive oil.  Hank had the house-made Italian fennel sausage pizza, and he generously offered me a slice.  It was graciously accepted, and was absolutely superb.  Crispy crust, and amazing flavours.   Gail and I, on the other hand, enjoyed the Grilled mahi-mahi skewers, served with a mint yogurt, and served on a five grain salad.  HELLOm1m4m6m5!  ‘Twas a great afternoon…………….

Some paintings just leave me breathless for a minute, and this new Francis Eck work, translating to “Serenity at Night” is one of them.  His style is working rich pure oil pigment with a palette knife, and this painting isserenity an amazing sensual delight.  I love the way the bands of colours at the horizon contrast so strongly with the black sky and white sea.  What a gem……

Gallery afternoon @ Viceroy

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Many thanks to one and all at beautiful Viceroy Resort who invited Lynne Bernbaum Studio, Devonish Gallery, and yours truly to spend the afternoon in Sunset Lounge.  We all brought some of our favourite things, and enjoyed time chatting with guest of the hotel about who we are, and what we exhibit.  I brought a display of Haitian metal sculptures and bead and sequin flags.  Most people are always astounded that those incredible metal sculptures have such humble origins……v1v2v3

First lunch @ Straw Hat

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I was delighted to see two things this weekend – the rear end of October strolling out the door, and the front door of Straw Hat today!  Fabulous Straw Hat opened last evening (busy, says Peter and Anne!), and I enjoyed the first lunch of their season early this afternoon.   The Spicy Fish Sandwich was fresh and delicious, the fries, pickles and slaw, always so good.   Alas, the ‘Ti Punch went down well (as did the second).  The outdoor awning is gone (thanks for nothin’, Gonzalo), and the new permanent sth1sh2sh3outdoor structure looks wonderful.  Kudos as always to front and back of the house!

Delighted to be back!

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In some ways, it seems like yesterday that I opened the gallery doors, but this will be Savannah Gallery’s 19th season in business on Anguilla, always at the same wonderful location in Historic Lower Valley.  Augie and O’Malley are both waiting to meet and greet (then flee into the bush), though I shall stay and chat a bit with oc21oc215oc212oc213one and all.  New works in already –  two very fine masks by the Haitian sculptor Eugene Jacques, and a charming new painting by Jo-Anne Mason, “Breezy Night in Deep Waters, Anguilla”.  The artists of the Caribbean never cease to delight.

CuisinArt Golf Resort and Spa has been very kind to Savannah Gallery over the last few years, and I’ve installed varying exhibitions of Haitian metal sculpture in their Santorini Restaurant, just off the lobby.  I mixed it up a little this year, and decided to see how the lush oil paintings of Francis Eck would look, and am absolutely delighted.  The installation brings the outside in, and Eck’s evocative work seems to be custom made for the space……cui1cui2