Savannah Gallery

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Thanks for stopping by for a visit.  The Gallery has enjoyed a web presence for over a decade now, and although often overlooked through the years, we promise to keep our new site fresh and interesting, with new works uploaded at the same time they are hung on the Gallery’s walls.

Please don’t hesitate to email or call (264) 476-2263 to request additional photos of specific artists’ works, detail photos of works on the site, or information relating to these artists.  Drop a note to say hello – it’s always my pleasure to touch base.

Fussy clients

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No matter what they saw, they just could not make up their minds. I think they were looking for something for over the sof-baaaaaaaaa.

Great together!

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So pleased when I received this pic this morning. The Bresil painting and Mikerson sculpture from the gallery look like they were made for each other. Private collection, St. Maarten.

Jean Mikerson “Turtle”

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I adore this metal and marble and spoon (!!!) sculpture by Haitian artist Jean Mikerson. It’s a beautiful piece, and the bends of the spoons are brilliant – they absolutely convey the swimming motion of this sea creature.


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I like the way that works of art can “sing” to each other when hung together. Right now at the gallery, these two works by Haitian masters Prospere Pierre-Louis and Henri Robert Bresil do just that. Pierre-Louis (1947-1997) was a key member of the Saint Soleil painting movement. He is most known for his depiction of “loas”, or voodoo deities.
Bresil (1952-1999), was a great painter of the rich dense country scenes, some typically Haitian, some more fanciful.
Both wonderful paintings by these two.

Lula and me

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Yeah, Lula and me just hunkering down for a Dad’s Day hug.

The artist Kim Workman has created a particularly strong and lovely painting in this work “Friends”. Both the fish and octopus are created by a technique known as gyotaku, or a rubbing. I adore this charming and slightly goofy octopus. The hand-made paper has silver threads running through. Stunning!

Victor Hempel – New Bowls

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Aside from endless surfing on the Atlantic shores of Panama, the isthmus also provided a lovely source of gorgeous hardwoods. These bowls are the proof!

SO beautiful

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Hard to beat the view from Straw Hat today!

After a 3-year absence from Anguilla, Victor Hempel, the sailing sculptor has returned to our fair shores, bringing with him an exquisite collection of his “Nature Boards”. Victor spent a great deal of time surfing in Panama, and these sculptures are created with Nispero wood, a beautiful hardwood indigenous to Central America.

New Haitian Metal sculptures

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EXQUISITE new metal sculptures by Haitian artist Jean Mikerson have arrived in the gallery. A unique twist to this unique art form – the birds and sea critters are sculptures unto themselves, welded on the backgrounds, rsised about an inch off the surface. I love them…