Savannah Gallery

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Thanks for stopping by for a visit.  The Gallery has enjoyed a web presence for over a decade now, and although often overlooked through the years, we promise to keep our new site fresh and interesting, with new works uploaded at the same time they are hung on the Gallery’s walls.

Please don’t hesitate to email or call (264) 497-2263 to request additional photos of specific artists’ works, detail photos of works on the site, or information relating to these artists.  Drop a note to say hello – it’s always my pleasure to touch base.

Tropical Storm Erika

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We really can’t complain much, as Tropical Storm Erica skirted every which way around Anguilla yesterday.  Power, internet and even cable tv stayed connected, and although the winds were rocking late in the afternoon, there was no damage on Island.  Wish we could have some rain, though….  The sea was looking fearsome and beautiful when I took the hounds down to the sea around 6, and the winds had Lucy’s ears going straight back!erika seabreezy lucy

Dazzled! (Part 2)

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I’m delighted to welcome the artist Paul Elliott Thuleau (avec famille) to Anguilla for a couple of days.  He arrived this morning, and before I sent him and his gang off to Straw Hat for the afternoon, he brought in an absolutely dazzling new painting for the gallery’s walls.  It’s large (35 x 51″),thuleau titled “Maison quartier d’orleans” ( House in Orleans Quarter ), and I adore the contrast between the two shades of green and those sexy red and pink shutters.  As with many of his work, the viewer is left to wonder about the dark enigmatic interior, and the seemingly recently abandoned broom.  Simply rather perfect……


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Still dazzled by Anguilla’s beauty.  Strolling into Straw Hat today for lunch, and the beauty of Meads Bay stopped me in my tracks.  It’s a good thing……….sunday

Serge Jolimeau

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Serge Jolimeau, now in his 60’s, continues to dazzle with superb new sculptures, just into the gallery.  Jolimeau was born in the legendary village of Croix-des-Bouquets, where most of these wonderful metal works are created.  He was an apprentice under Seresier Louis Juste (see my June 29 post), and has been exhibiting internationally since the late 1970’s.  To see sizes and prices, click on “Artists” at the top of this page, then click on his section there.


SO pleased with this group of new sculptures by that Haitian genius, Eugene Jacques.  I think his work is so innovative, and nothing like anything else I’ve ever seen.  This is a great group, and a shout out of thanks to Michael, my site guru, for setting up this slideshow…..


St. Martin based artist Francis Eck is on a roll.  Following up his very successful exhieck 1eck 2eck 3eck 4bition at Fort Fleur d’Epee in Guadeloupe, Eck was kind enough to come over to Anguilla this week (our fabulous golf course helped his decision…….), and brought a small summer exhibition to the gallery.  The paintings have evolved, and are both very beautiful and very moving.  They’re created with thick oil paints, and manipulated across the surface of the canvas with palette knives.  Fabulous!

Seresier Louis Juste

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In the seminal book on Haitian art, “Where Art is Joy: Haitian Art: The First Forty Years”, the great expert on Haitian art, Seserlden Rodman wrote in 1988 “Two other metal workers of outstanding talent, neighbors of Liautaud in Croix des Bouquets were Seresier and Janvier Louis Juste.  Shearing their way to fortune in the 1970’s, both these artists were ambitious enough to go beyond the small cutout circles the tourists loved to tie to their handbags.  Sometimes they would incise drawings into their figures.  In very large pieces, cut from industrial drums, they integrated birds, bats, mermaids, drummers, horsemen and weird combinations of all five with astonishing ingenuity.”


I’ve just acquired and installed this really quite wonderful (15 x 23″) sculpture in the gallery.  I love these two “Dancers” – can’t figure it out, but just love it!

Lots of Saharan dust high up in the atmosphere these days – quite usual for this time of year.  Skies are whitish-gray during the day, and made for a particularly beautiful sunset from the shore the evening.  sunset2

The St. Martin-based marquetry master Jean-Pierre Straub came to visit this week, and although always happy to hang his superb works in the gallery, was particularly pleased to install two with “Anguilla content”.  “Anguilla Beach” is the iconic entrance to Meads Bay by Malliouhana Hotel, and “Le Gommier” is a representation of an (in)famous turpentine, or gum tree which had a horse’s head carved into it through the elements, here on Island.  I’m trying to find out where is was, or if it still stands.  Anyone?str1str2

Fabulous lunch, as always, at Jacala today.  Wonderful rum punch, superb lobster club sandwich.  Still impressed with the camera in my new phone too…………..j1j2j3