Savannah Gallery

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Thanks for stopping by for a visit.  The Gallery has enjoyed a web presence for over a decade now, and although often overlooked through the years, we promise to keep our new site fresh and interesting, with new works uploaded at the same time they are hung on the Gallery’s walls.

Please don’t hesitate to email or call (264) 497-2263 to request additional photos of specific artists’ works, detail photos of works on the site, or information relating to these artists.  Drop a note to say hello – it’s always my pleasure to touch base.

Antoine Chapon – new work

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Many thanks to Bordeaux-born, St. Martin-based artist Antoine Chapon for sending across 10 very fine works into the gallery, including, for the first time, 6 watercolours, which absolutely “sing” on the gallery walls. Merci!

Kim Workman – Melusina

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As many know, the gallery has featured Haitian art depicting mythological figures in a variety of media. I personally love “La Sirene”, as she appeared in metal sculptures, vodou flags and paintings. Now, the always-talented Kim Workman has taught me about “Melusina”, a mermaid figure from Celtic folklore and mythology. In this exquisite work of art, just arrived at the gallery, the artist uses the same technique as her “fish rubbings”. The artist has done a rubbing of a friends’ (I hope) face and body, and from that, created this painting. There are some beautiful raised areas (nautilus, seahorse, lobster), which Ms Workman has created with acrylic and crushed marble paste. The fish rubbings are juvenile African pompano, and rubbings of tarpon fish scales were used to create scales on her thighs! It’s the second multi-canvas work I’ve had of hers in the gallery. I love this paining!

Fun Day Friday

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What a great day to join friends for lunch at Jacala with my new little guy Lula. A very sweet 3 month old from AARF He was a perfect gentleman, and even cavorted with a labradoodle named Ted! Oh, the crayfish risotto was devine…

Kim Workman – new work

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It’s always a pleasure to open cartons of Kim Workman paintings. I’ve already seen the pics by email, but the originals never do the work justice. The painting of the shirt, “Island Casual”, is the companion piece to a painting which was exhibited earlier in the year at the Customs House Museum in Key West, The Bumpus Gallery, as part of the exhibition “From a Woman’s Hand – an art exhibit featuring women artists of the florida keys”. The museum serves the Key West Art and Historical Society.

Honey Mule

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This rather lovely Honey Mule prefaced a rather perfect Sunday lunch at Zemi Beach Resort yesterday.  Great and fun day which prefaced a rather perfect Sunday nap…..

The best of the anthropomorphic paintings by the late great Haitian master Jasmin Joseph have an almost magical sense of humour to them.  Joseph (1924 – 2005) committed a lifetime to painting these really quite marvelous stories, all of which paint a fantastic story in the mind’s eye.  The work, dated 1991, reminds me of my youth!

The meeting of great minds

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Today.  Out back of the gallery…..

Kim Workman – new gyotaku

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The artist Kim Workman continues to astound and delight.  Absolutely gorgeous new paintings arrived at the gallery yesterday, and today was installation day, when I like to “get to know” recent arrivals.  SO beautiful – remember, the origin of each work is an actual fish rubbing.  Then, the surface is built up with paint and collage.

Dinner at Quintessence

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Julian’s restaurant at Quntessence Hotel continues to delight.  The hotel itself pleases all the senses, and Chef Dominique continues to work his magic.  Last night’s starter was a rather lovely caesar salad, served with lobster.  Great flavour combination.  Main course was a devine veal tenderloin with mushroom sauce – perfect wild rice and asparagus as sides.  I thought I was done, but our host insisted (nominal arm twisting) we all try this chocolate tower.  Oh me.  Oh my…..

I’m so pleased to be exhibiting the work of Antoine Chapon, based out of St. Martin.  These oil on carboard gems are all based on Anguillian landscapes.  Their etheral quality is exquisite.