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For some reason, the northwest corner at the back of the gallery has become my “context corner”. I must subconciously hang beautiful paintings there, that speak to each other. These 2, by the late Haitian masters Fernand Pierre and Louisiane St. Fleurant prove my point.

Art Goats

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Everybody loves the trees out back of the gallery, especially that gnarly old turpentine tree. Jo-Anne Mason captures the beauty of that tree, as well as the two young goats that have been known to visit the gallery. “Art Goats” really is a gorgeous, lush new painting.

New work by Jo-Anne Mason

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Many thanks to gallery artist Jo-Anne Mason for bringing in this new painting, “Tore of Savannah”. Tore was a long-time resudent out back of the gallery who was named after Chicken Cacciatore. Please don’t judge me…..


New sculpture at The Q

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I was relaxing for a moment in Quintessence Hotel’s lobby yesterday, and my eyes landed on a particularly beautiful bronze sculpture of a koi. I mentioned it later in the day to Geoffrey Fieger, and he informed me that the sculptures of koi, as well as a dazzling monkey sculpture in the new restaurant extension were by the quite famous American sculptor, Marshall Fredericks (1908-1998). Fredericks worked continuously through the latter half of the 20th century, creating a stunning body of commissions as well as free-standing works, such as these. His estate donated the contents of his studio to create The Marshall M. Fredericks Sculpture Museum on the campus of Saginaw Valley State University in Saginaw, Michigan.

The week gone by

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Time flew by over the active week just gone by. Things got started last Sunday morning with this glorious sunrise whilst doggo walking, followed by am amazing lunch at The Q. Busy hanging all these gorgeous new metal sculptures during the week, and did a fun installation shot with these 2 Mikerson masks. Friday saw me host a group of about 30 French cruisers, off the luxury liner Le Dumont D’urville, and all week featured me and Lula hunkering down at night, netflixin’ and chillaxin’….


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2 more of the fabulous metal sculptures by Haiti’s Jean Mikerson.

Jean Mikerson

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SO pleased to unwrap the rest of my new arrivals – Haitian metal sculptures. This sculpture is “Seahorse” by Jean Mikerson. I particularly like the addition of relief details and the outline painting.

Metal Sculptures

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New metal sculptures have arrived in the gallery from Haiti. This collection features work by two great artists, Jacques Eugene and Jean Mikerson. This trio of musicians is by Jacques Eugene, whose masks and free-standing musicians have graced the gallery for many years.

A creative day

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When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. When gallery artist Jo-Anne Mason hands you a beautiful pineapple, grown in St. Kitts, grab a gorgeous Michele Lavalette painting and the conch paperweight from the front desk, and make a real life still life….

Sunset walkies

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Lula and the Pelicans.