Coralita Vine

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Antigonon leptopus. according to our WikiFriends. The abundant rains, and very warm weather have spawned an outrageously gorgeous blooming of Coralita Vine. It completely disappeared during the drought, but now circles the gallery in glorious garlands of pink. Augie’s plopped herself in the middle of it – see if you can’t pick her out from the crowd…

I’m absolutely delighted to welcome the Haitian artist Jean Mikerson, and his superb metal sculptures to the gallery. Both the masks, and his animals are original and strong!

Michele Lavalette

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I was asked to send pics of Michele Lavalette’s paintings last week, and was stuck (once again) by how beautiful they are. This particular painting “Looking Good and Proud” is exquisite. Michele really set the bar for galleries on Anguilla. Thank you ML!

Tropical Storm Isaac is crossing the Island chain as we speak, about 150 miles south of Anguilla. I’ve been watching the sea, and it is indeed starting to rock and roll. Last night, Lucy, bless her at 15, was strolling beside what I thought was a quiet sea. We ran into Jackson, our neighbor’s terrier puppy on the way home, and Lula and he cavorted a bit, while Lucy and I had a Zen moment. The sea was much rougher this morning, but still not nuts. I’ll check it out again during our sunset dog-walk.


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A very good day to count your blessings.

A perfect lunch to mark the end of season for Straw Hat – seafood spring rolls with a perfect caesar salad. Kudos also to Peter and Anne for sailing forth from the storm, and rebuilding better than ever.

Many thanks to my terrific friends and wonderful collectors for sending me these pics of their home, while enjoying the South Jersey Shore over Labour Day. Nice to see works by Kim Workman, Jo-Anne Mason, Victor Hempel, and Haitian metal artists adorning their walls. Have a Happy Labour Day!“577” class=”alignleft size-full wp-image-4074″ />

1001 “chores”

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The gallery’s closed now through October, which allows me the time to get 1001 chores done. Today’s chore was a pleasure. I oiled this exquisite 2013 sculpture “Greeting the Morning Sun” by the extremely talented sailing sculptor, Victor Hempel. It was created from an almond tree found floating in the pond at Sandy Ground. The ultimate recycling….


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Swapped out my usual inland power walk this morning for one at Rendezvous Bay. It was one of those gorgeous Anguilla mornings. I loved the stroll, and shall let the pics do the proverbisl talking.

Lula says…………

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“Is this the strangest looking dog ever, or what?”