Jean Mikerson “Turtle”

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I adore this metal and marble and spoon (!!!) sculpture by Haitian artist Jean Mikerson. It’s a beautiful piece, and the bends of the spoons are brilliant – they absolutely convey the swimming motion of this sea creature.


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I like the way that works of art can “sing” to each other when hung together. Right now at the gallery, these two works by Haitian masters Prospere Pierre-Louis and Henri Robert Bresil do just that. Pierre-Louis (1947-1997) was a key member of the Saint Soleil painting movement. He is most known for his depiction of “loas”, or voodoo deities.
Bresil (1952-1999), was a great painter of the rich dense country scenes, some typically Haitian, some more fanciful.
Both wonderful paintings by these two.

Lula and me

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Yeah, Lula and me just hunkering down for a Dad’s Day hug.

The artist Kim Workman has created a particularly strong and lovely painting in this work “Friends”. Both the fish and octopus are created by a technique known as gyotaku, or a rubbing. I adore this charming and slightly goofy octopus. The hand-made paper has silver threads running through. Stunning!

Victor Hempel – New Bowls

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Aside from endless surfing on the Atlantic shores of Panama, the isthmus also provided a lovely source of gorgeous hardwoods. These bowls are the proof!

SO beautiful

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Hard to beat the view from Straw Hat today!

After a 3-year absence from Anguilla, Victor Hempel, the sailing sculptor has returned to our fair shores, bringing with him an exquisite collection of his “Nature Boards”. Victor spent a great deal of time surfing in Panama, and these sculptures are created with Nispero wood, a beautiful hardwood indigenous to Central America.

New Haitian Metal sculptures

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EXQUISITE new metal sculptures by Haitian artist Jean Mikerson have arrived in the gallery. A unique twist to this unique art form – the birds and sea critters are sculptures unto themselves, welded on the backgrounds, rsised about an inch off the surface. I love them…

Kim Workman dazzles

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Every once in a while, I just need to sit back, and let the creations of the gallerys’ artists do all the talking.


Jean-Pierre Bernard

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Feeling lucky to have come across and acquired a quite lovely collection of Jean-Pierre Bernard sculptures. The artist is Haitian, and these pieces date from circa mid-1980s, when the sculptors there were cutting their designs out, but not adding the texture we know so well today. They’re all small, under a foot in each dimension, and superb value for holiday giving.