A contest for my blog readers!

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Anguilla’s own Jo-Anne Mason is on a roll these days – she’s working hard in the studio, and bringing really wonderful paintings into the gallery.  This work, reminiscent of her “Edge of the Island” series is of a much beloved dining spot on the Island.  That wine looks so good and cold, and it will taste SO good whilst lounging on that beach.

masonOK now, the first reader who can identify the location will win an AARF cap, sent via air mail to your home.  Yes!  It’s true!  www.aarf.ai  does fabulous work on Anguilla, so it will be a delight for me to stop by the shelter and buy it.  Just send your answer through the comments tab above.  Let’s see who wins!!!!!!!!

8 Responses to “A contest for my blog readers!”

  1. Andrea Kelly Says:

    Jacala. Our absolute favorite 🙂

  2. Ellen Schultz Says:

    Jacala… I think.
    Nice painting! We’ll be down in a few weeks. Hope to stop by.
    Ellen (Noway)

  3. frank Says:

    Andrea Kelly!!!!!!!! You are the winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Sally Baumwell Says:

    Beautiful painting, Jo-Anne. And thank you Frank for always supporting AARF!

  5. Ellen Schultz Says:

    I was correct also, but a half hour late? When I answered Joanne had just posted! Amazing how things go so fast. I’m just impressed at myself for getting it right! 🙂

  6. Adele Says:

    Too bad I wasn’t quick enough…..but what I really want is that painting! I love her use of colors, and the line of palm trees really draw one into the scene. Missing Anguilla, missing you.

  7. Jo-Anne Mason Says:

    Thanks Adele I was trying something a little different and it worked! Glad you like it.

  8. Gail Granowitz Says:

    Hey, am I too late..??? I”ve seen this actual view many times…LOL…Love this work with it’s vibrant umbrellas, sea and sky!!

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