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The Anguilla Animal Rescue Foundation (AARF) is an amazing organization here on Anguilla.  They run the shelter which gets hundreds of kittens and puppies adopted annually, and also get into the schools here to facilitate education on animal care.  I pretty much love everything they get up to.  The group has just moved it’s fabulous charity shop and thrift store to the Mega Savers mall, heading east.  Heading east out of the Valley towards Proctor’s Supermarket (now selling fresh sushi from Cha Cha San in their deli case, but don’t get me started on how good THAT is), continue past Proctors for about 1 minute till you reach a big store called Mega Savers.  Park and shop.  So easy.  It was the opening day of the new shop today, and I got the opportunity to take a pic of all the volunteers together.  Best wishes for this wonderful venture!!  aarf.ai



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  1. Jo-Anne Mason Says:

    Yeah AARF. I am so glad they found a new location.

  2. Sally Baumwell Says:

    Thank you, Frank!

  3. EllenLV Says:

    Happy AARF found a new home, and how wonderful someone paid their rent for a year! That is great!

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