I was VERY pleased when I heard that chef Marc Alvarez was the new chef at The Pumphouse, down in Sandy Ground.  His reputation for superb creations in his kitchen preceded him, and I was delighted tonight when his culinary choices for the menu lived up to that great rep.  I started with 2 fabulous apps – Pumphoue Poutines ( you know I’m Canadian, eh?), served with mozzarella, braised oxtail and garlic aioli, and the Indian spiced beef skewers, served with a coconut sambal.  Both were delicious.  The poutines were light and fluffy little potato darlin’s.  The skewers were fresh, moist, tender and SO flavourful.  I could have stopped there, and been happy, but nooooooooooo, I had to continue on, and feast on this remarkable Conish Hen “Grilled under a brick”, served with fennel-golden apple slaw, white sweet potato latke and pomegranate.  My host for the evening wanted thepoutinesskewerschickenpaellapumphouse paella, but had a seafood allergy.  Chef gladly specially prepared his paella with sausage and chicken.  He loved every bite.  It’s September on-Island right now – always very very quiet, and I was AMAZED to see this place absolutely full up.  The restaurant was full, as was the bar, and many more arriving as we left.  Kudos to Laurie, Deb, and Chef Marc and his team in the ktichen!

2 Responses to “Amazing dining at The Pumphouse”

  1. EllenLV Says:

    Geez Frank, you have me drooling, wow, what an array of food! We love the Pumphouse, they do everything right, perfect blend of food, service and entertainment, with Laurie and Deb at the helm – fun times!
    Great post – thanks!

  2. Emily Crowe Says:

    That food looks great! Thanks for the reminder that Pumphouse has a new chef and that it’s definitely worth trying out even if we’re not interested in the nightlife usually associated with that place.

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