I think I finally figured out why I, and many others, share a special affinity for the new paintings of Jo-Anne Mason.Lunch.  “The Edge of the Island” series of paintings are wonderful “portraits” of restaurants which ring this Island, and combine two loves of many – food and art!  This new work, “Almost Lunch at Palm Grove, Junk’s Hole, Anguilla” can only evoke the fondest of thoughts by anyone who has enjoyed this great landmark in the East.  The painting captures the clarity of the light, and the splendor of the isolation of this Bay.

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  1. Mary Ann Jarvis Says:

    Frank, I’ve been admiring Jo’s new piece of Junk’s Hole on your blog and was wondering whether this one and others in the series are on exhibit at your gallery? Every time I look at that painting I get excited about my wonderful days seaglassing, beachcombing and lounging on the beach there.

    We arrive on March 15 and would love to come by the Gallery to see them..

    Thanks for your contributions to Travel advisor. Love your “food” photos in addition to your entries.

    Mary Ann Jarvis
    AXA Beach Bum

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