As Katia goes north…..

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The energy of storms never ceases to impress me.  As Hurrican Katia goes north of Anguilla, the seas are getting wild.  Our entire neighbourhood tonight is almost foggy with seablast, and waves have been crashing on the eastern shore all day.  Cleaned up all our seaweed though……

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  1. Tim Meyer Says:

    Glad to hear Anguilla was missed. Irene was tame by hurricane standards by the time she came ashore in CT but her winds/rain still knocked our power out for 7+ days. Two huge oaks toppled over our lines. Luckily the temps stayed in the low 80s. Nevertheless it was getting old quick. We’re now finally enjoying power. Dad says Megan I really like power! Me too sweaty now turn the TV off and go to bed (she stayed up to midnight the first night power return just to watch TV). All the best Frank…Tim

  2. frank Says:

    Tell Megan that I like power too…… It’s so odd for people in Anguilla to be asking friends in the Northeast how they fared over the storm!

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