Birding on Anguilla

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I wish I had the patience for seeking, and the talent of photographing Anguilla’s bird species.  Luckily, a visitor to Anguilla from Pretoria, South Africa has both.  Pieter Cronje is on Island conducting a police training workshop on domestic violence, and in his spare time is enjoying life, and superbly photographing some birds of our the Island.  I was in the gallery on Sunday feeding the cats and he visited, seeing the front door open.  I think these photos taken this week are superb!IMG_8872IMG_8875IMG_8891IMG_9122IMG_9159

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  1. Brenda Garrigan Says:

    Spectacular photos. More Please and thanks.

  2. Emily Crowe Says:

    Those are gorgeous photos–thanks so much for posting!

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