Cocos nusifera

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My coconut palm (the title of the this post is it’s botanical name, which would also make a great dog name) is packed with coconuts these days.  The hot weather, combined with washing-machine runoff has that tree rocking.  I don’t know what to do with them…….  Anyone?

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  1. Kate Says:

    Hi Frank, Crack those coconuts open (if you can get them down off the tree) and drink the coconut water! The water is low in calories, good to lower blood pressure and a great way to replace your body’s electrolytes after sweating after workout – your walks! Jim and I buy it bottled here and very expensive – $4.79 for a 16 oz. raw, never heated brand. Hey perhaps you could set up a beach shack or roadside stand called Frankie’s CoCo Frios and sell your coconut water : )

    Miss the island!

    Happy Fall 🙂

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