Elisabeth Piquet

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I can’t believe it’s been ten years since the gallery’s last exhibition of Elisabeth Piquet…  At the time, the artist was living in St. Martin – born in Algeria, in North Africa, she is now living and working in France.  No matter where she lives and paints, the work glows with inherent evocative beauty.  Most of Piquet’s paintings are based on the landscape of  Brittany, and also of the organic forms of plants.  Her strong frames set off the delicacy of theses many-layered jewels.  I hope you share my enthusiasm for these quiet gems.  www.savannahgallery.com/artists/elisabeth-piquet/

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  1. elisabeth piquet Says:

    Frank , thank you so much for those words……
    just one thing : I wasn’t born in Brittany but in North Africa!!!!!!!

  2. frank Says:

    Duly noted and corrected! Thanks, Elisabeth!


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