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Many thanks to Ellen of Nevada for her question about the selection of vodou flags in the gallery.  I am currently exhibiting the flags of Yves Telemak, an astouding artisan from Haiti.  The vodou ceremony in one which tries to “catch the spirits attention”, as it were, with music, drumming, dancing, and yes, the waving of these amazing flags.  They are created with beads and sequins, each a tribute of sorts to the spirit in question.  Yves Telemak is a well known creator of these flags, and makes sure that the flags shown in galleries and museums around the world are marked with the word “ART”, to differentiate them from his rather sacred ceremonial flags, which are never sold.Dambalah 2Grand BoieCeremonie Dambalah


All the flags by Telemak can be found in his section, when you click on “artists” up top

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  1. Ellen Says:

    Wow – those are marvelous! This is my favorite
    “Ceremonie Dambalah bead and sequin 32 x 31”
    Thank you Frank!

  2. Tim Meyer Says:

    These flags are cool and a nice opportunity to help an artist from Haiti. Hopefully you’ll have some left when I get re employed.

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