Fab lunch @ Straw Hat

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I really had planned on having my usual wonderful snapper sandwich at Straw Hat today for lunch – it always pleases, and the fish is SO fresh.  This item on the menu titillated me though – “Ahi Tuna Bahn Mi, with pickled vegetables and panzu aioli”.  It was, without question, one of the best sandwiches I’ve enjoyed on Island.  Fresh fresh tuna with amazing flavours in every bite.  They serve it with two sides – their usual “just two more then I’ll stop” shoestring fries, and a seaweed salad with sesame oil dressing.  A rather perfect plate to go with a rather lovely day.

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  1. EllenLV Says:

    Frank, that looks so good, have not had lunch there, but may have to try those frieds. I think Chef Nick has really stepped up their menu.
    Thanks for posting.

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