First lunch @ Straw Hat

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I was delighted to see two things this weekend – the rear end of October strolling out the door, and the front door of Straw Hat today!  Fabulous Straw Hat opened last evening (busy, says Peter and Anne!), and I enjoyed the first lunch of their season early this afternoon.   The Spicy Fish Sandwich was fresh and delicious, the fries, pickles and slaw, always so good.   Alas, the ‘Ti Punch went down well (as did the second).  The outdoor awning is gone (thanks for nothin’, Gonzalo), and the new permanent sth1sh2sh3outdoor structure looks wonderful.  Kudos as always to front and back of the house!

3 Responses to “First lunch @ Straw Hat”

  1. EllenLV Says:

    Frank,it all looks so good, we will be there soon- can’t wait!
    Thanks for posting.

  2. Jo-Anne Mason Says:

    Looks fabulous thanks for sharing Frank.

  3. Emily Crowe Says:

    Looks better than ever! Can’t wait to be eating there myself in a couple of weeks. It will be our first November visit and we’ll try to stop by the gallery, too.

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