Brace yourselves loyal blog readers, for my Sunday lunch tour extravaganza started today.  And it started with a fabulous bang!  Four Seasons Anguilla (nee Viceroy) looks great.  Fresh, lean and clean, with a lot more organic surfaces to soften its look.  I landed up at Sunset Lounge today – always my favorite and was delighted.  The rum punch went down well, and it came with won ton chips and a bowl of spicy mixed nuts (there were more in each bowl before I stopped stuffing my face and took the pic).  SUCH a nice touch to offer a nibble – it’s always appreciated.   I asked my charming and lovely server to recommend something new of their menu, and was steered (pardon the pun) to the “12-hour Braised Korean Short Ribs, Gochujang Korean Scallion Pancakes, Sesame Seeds”.  Absolutely fabulous.  Such amazing and purely delicious flavors.  I can’t wait to see what the other restos do in the resort!fs1fs2fs3

3 Responses to “Four Seasons Anguilla – Lunch today”

  1. Emily Crowe Says:

    You have my mouth watering already! I don’t think 4S will be on the itinerary for this trip, since we’re only here one week, but this place does look good.

  2. frank Says:

    Oh, I’d pop by for a drink at sunset, maybe before dinner. It’s such a gorgeous spot!

  3. EllenLV Says:

    Oh Frank – that looks so wonderful, I am looking forward to going there on our next trip, I gave up on Viceroy, the service was just terrible, had to wait forever for a round. I also love that they have expanded Bamboo and will be open for dinner – that was our favorite restaurant there. Thanks for posting Frank.

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