Francis Eck – new paintings

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I find these 3 works by Francis Eck, just into the gallery, to be so evocative of the spectacular landscape we oooh and aaaah at every day.  Eck is a native of France, and has been living in St. Martin for about 20 years.  The work is painted with pure oil paint, and manipulated on the surface with a palette knife.  These three, “Au Mouillage” (At Anchor), “Au Bord de la Plage” (Next to the Beach), and “Mer Insondable” (Unfathomable Sea) are as exquisite as the beautiful Caribbean seas, captivating our senses – always…...  

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  1. Adele Miller Says:

    Just beautiful. I can’t decide which one I love best.

  2. EllenLV Says:

    They are stunning Frank, thanks for sharing these beautiful paintings.

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