Friends on our walk

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methuselahlucy and methuselahluth and mWe’re all just in from a lovely sunset walk, and were delighted to run into “Methuselah”, our neighbourhood box tortoise, who we encounter only every year, or so.  The dogs seem to like him, and never harass him in any way.  He, in turn, keeps his little head poked out, checking out his buddies.  Lola decided against a close-up viewing, which is sorta typical of Madame.

If anyone has knows more about this type of tortoise, I’d like to know the info.

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  1. Tim Meyer Says:

    Looks pettier and nicer than our snappers which have a wicked tail in addition to nasty teeth.

  2. frank Says:

    Nahhhhhh. Our tortoises are sweet and docile. My pups wouldn’t have it any other way………

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