Happy Hour @ Ripples

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Ripples Restaurant in Sandy Ground is a veritable institution on Anguilla – lovely food and a wonderful pub-like atmosphere.  They also do  GREAT Happy Hour specials on Saturday evenings.  I enjoyed the roast turkey special last night – I always tell Janice, their chef, that she’s in charge of everyone eating all their veggies.  Definitley worth a visit for an early Saturday dinner…….

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  1. EllenLV Says:

    Wow, Frank, that looks scumptious. First time I have ever seen a review of Ripples. I have been wanting to try Ripples, have not been there, but this looks too good to pass up.
    Thanks for your time.

  2. Tim Meyer Says:

    I seem to find myself at Ripples when I want to duck out of the sun for a cool Carib (and soda for the kids). My parents say the food is good. when they first started coming to anguilla regularly they started at sandy ground, some of their fondest places are no longer in business. Ripples and couple of others have hung on. All the best Frank for a swell fall (sans storms).

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