Hurricane Irma’s aftermath

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I guess everyone on Island will have their own stories of the passing of Hurricane Irma.  I hunkered down in my house, listening to the roar, with new sweet puppy Liam basically on my head.  That next day, I hitched into town, as my exit road was blocked.  Just about fell to my knees in prayers of thanks when I saw the gallery intact and unscathed.  Shocked to see beautiful old Rose Cottage next door demolished by the winds!   The clean up and rebuilding are well under way, and I notice great strides forward daily.

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  1. Adlee Says:

    Thanks for the update, Frank! It is mind boggling how two buildings next door to one another can have such different fates in the same storm.

    The news feeds about Anguilla are encouraging and inspiring — looking forward to being able to visit soon. As anyone and everyone who has ever visited and fallen in love with the island says: it’s the amazing people of Anguilla that make it such a special place.

  2. Ellen Says:

    Dear Frank:
    I was so happy to hear your gallery was spared and even more happier now to see you too are well.
    The people of Anguillaare strong, brave and resilient. After this horrible tragedy, they are out today in full force, cleaning the island. The people of Anguilla are what makes it so special, time and time again, they prove themselves to be wonderful, kind and caring people.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you and the island. God bless.

  3. Pat and Joe Peloso Says:

    Dear Frank,
    We watched Hurricane Irma hit the island of Anguilla and were so sad to see so much damage. We know that the people of Anguilla are strong and resourceful and will rebuild as quickly as possible. We are so pleased that your gallery was spared along with all the beautiful works of art. As Hurricane Irma left Anguilla and the other Caribbean islands, it headed right toward our community of Naples, Florida. We, too, are in the process of cleaning up the devastation left behind so we know the trials and tribulations of cleaning up after a horrendous hurricane. Our thoughts and prayers are with all the people of Anguilla. We hope to visit again next year.

  4. Karen & Bob from Buffalo Says:

    Dear Frank, We held our breath watching this Huge Hurricane swallow Anguilla. Relieved to see your post. You and your community have been in our thoughts daily. Glad you are safe. It is incredible your gallery is standing. We can’t wait to come back to our “Happy Place” We LOVE Anguilla and especially The People. Carry on!

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