My dictionary defines “flotsam” as 1. wreckage from a ship found floating. 2.odds and ends.  To those who love to walk Anguilla’s many beaches, beachcombing is part of the fun, and for an artist like Iris Lewis, with an eye for beauty in the everyday, our beaches are an endless source of subject matter for her paintings.  The gallery has just received 3 of the new “Flotsam Series” paintings in, and I think the quality of these works is first-rate.  The flotsam, mostly old washed up ropes, frame the landscape of the painting – such wonderful original work by this artist.  Information on individual paintings can be found in the “artists” section of this site, by clicking on Iris Lewis’ works.

Flotsam Series on Anguilla!

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  1. Ellen Says:

    I love the pieces by Iris Lewis, they are so interesting. Thanks for posting.

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