Jacala for lunch

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I was having one on my back-porch chats with clients this week – art, gossip, food etc., and they told me I should start blogging on great meals I’ve had on Island.  To the end, I’m just back from enjoying a wonderful lunch at Jacala, on Meads Bay.  It’s a new restaurant on Anguilla, just opened for about two weeks now.  I had the lobster club – superb!!  Instead of fries, the chef prepares a sort of uber-delicious roast potato dish, seasoned with herbes de provence.

I’ll be back for sure – their menu looked terrific.jacala lunchjacala view

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  1. Laverne Hemingway Says:

    Thanks for posting photo of food and restaurant, a great way to see what you are getting.

  2. Ellen Says:

    Frank, thanks for the write up, I can hardly wait to try Jacala. We watched Jacques working in Nov, he put his heart and soul into it, I hope they flourish. Thanks for your time.

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