Jean-Pierre Bernard

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Feeling lucky to have come across and acquired a quite lovely collection of Jean-Pierre Bernard sculptures. The artist is Haitian, and these pieces date from circa mid-1980s, when the sculptors there were cutting their designs out, but not adding the texture we know so well today. They’re all small, under a foot in each dimension, and superb value for holiday giving.

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  1. Gail Says:

    Hi Frank – love these! Waiting for patients to leave and checking out your always fabulous website. Have you seen the new Cuisinart? Looks like it got a much-needed update! xo

  2. Cindy Says:

    I was thrilled to see these Jean-Pierre Bernard sculptures! What are the prices for these small pieces? Or should I first ask if they are for sale? I want to add to my own collection. One of my favorites was very early – we got it on a trip to Haiti back in 1972. It was made from the lid of an oil drum – and is about the size of the lid.
    Thank you!

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