New and beautiful paintings are arriving these days from Anguilla-based artist Jo-Anne Mason.  She and her husband Chris are doing a lot of sailing around the region, and her take on various anchorages has been really quite lovely.  These two paintings, “Almost Dark” and “Returning at Sunset” illustrate my point.

3 Responses to “Jo-Anne Mason – From the Boat”

  1. Adele Says:

    These are stunning! I love the lights in both paintings, and the reflections of the lights in the water

  2. Ellen Says:

    Both are beautiful, I love to see Jo’s work, she is such a talented artist.
    Thanks for sharing Frank.

  3. Jo-Anne Mason Says:

    Thanks Ellen and Adele, so glad you like them, I am enjoying painting from the boat, a new experience, very exciting and a bit challenging.

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