I ‘ve been chomping at the proverbial bit for these new works of Jo-Anne Mason – she tempted me with pics as she traveled with Chris to St. Kitts, Nevis and Sint Maarten.  DELIGHTED to have them in the gallery now, and positively worth the wait.  All quite superb, as she continues to see the inherent beauty in landscapes and now seascapes, that you and and I might glance at and forget.  She’s quite new to the world of boating, but her paintings of Sandy Ground, and the buoy of Simpson Bay are absolutely exquisite.

4 Responses to “Jo-Anne Mason – new paintings”

  1. EllenLV Says:

    They are all beautiful, I love them all, thanks for sharing Frank.

  2. Hazel Wray Says:

    Stunning colours, I absolutely love her paintings.

  3. Marj Morani Says:

    Jo. These are the best yet. Love them

  4. Gail Frawley Granowitz Says:

    Frank – love these! Hope to see them in July!

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