Little Curry House

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There’s a great new option for grabbing some VERY good curry on Anguilla these days.  The Little Curry House has just opened recently, and it’s superb.  It’s in The Valley – about 300 yards down the road from the Post Office.  I’ve had a few things from them, and this roti is one of the bestr1r2r3 I’ve ever had.  It’s an incredibly flavourful  curried chicken and potato mixture, all wrapped up in a delicious savoury pancake.  The wings are wonderful too, and I can tell that the curried lamb has to be my next lunch option.  They have a few tables for sitting, but I brought mine back to the gallery – apologies to Victor Hempel for using his Mask Bowl as a prop……….

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    Very nice Frank, great pictures, thanks, Ellen

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