Lunch @ Smokey’s II

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I absolutely adore Indian food – the spices and seasonings are absolutely intoxicating.  Koal Keel in the Valley, and now Smokey’s both offer an array of superb Indian fare to compliment their wonderful menus.  I was in the mood for a lighter-than-usual lunch today, and landed up having the springroll and pekoras at Smokey’s.  A pekora is a savoury fritter, in this case, made of potato and onion, and served with a deliciious dipping sauce (so was the spring roll)………


The weather was a tad funky – windy from the south, and threatening to rain, though it did not.  This system seems to be the last dying breaths of Hurricane Tomas, now just about extinct in the central Atlantic, though dangling down a long tail.  No matter, lunch was great, and I always enjoy the atmosphere of Smokey’s.IMG00308-20101107-1145IMG00309-20101107-1145

Sorry if my pics are not up to scratch – I left my camera at home (travelling light), and took these with my Bberry.

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