Happy ending to a stressful situation!  In November, 2013, Michele Lavalette sent via courier a carton containing eleven quite wonderful boat paintings for her exhibition at Savannah Gallery in January 2014.  Yikes!  It never showed up in Anguilla.  Michele traced it, had the courier trace it, and basically stressed for a year.  The courier claimed it was in Anguilla, but there wasn’t a hintinstllation 1instllation 2instllation 3instllation 4 of it at the Post Office.  Recently, I was in the Customs warehouse at the airport, and a very kind customs agent (THANK YOU!!) pointed it out to me.  Under the auspices of WAY better late than never, I installed the second part of the Lavalette boat painting exhibition this week.  “Memoires de Bateaux” (Memories of Boats) is a superb exhibition, and has the gallery absolutely glowing.  Thanks Michele!

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