New camera for a new season!

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My Pumphouse pics below made me realize it really was time for a new camera.  My old 6 megapixel Kodak has been a true and trusty companion, but I needed to step up the volume.  Thanks to Gadget City, right here on Anguilla, I’m pointing and shooting these days with 20.1 megapixels, and am totally pleased.  I’ve been working on a specific project the last couple of weeks with it, but this afternoon, I strolled around the house and villa  to see what kind of close-up detail I could muster…………allamandafrangipanidesert rose

3 Responses to “New camera for a new season!”

  1. Dr Gail Says:


    LOOOOVe the new camera! Your pics are great, and I”m even more excited to see the colors, since we’ll be seeing you in a month, and hopefully seeing them for ourselves!

    Will def try Pumphouse – haven’t been there for years but on your reco, I”ll be going back. Cheers!

  2. EllenLV Says:

    Frank!!! Those pictures are gorgeous, makes me think about getting rid of the Polaroid!

  3. Adele Miller Says:

    Wow, just gorgeous. Do tell, though: what model camera did you choose?

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