New work in the gallery

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This blog post is rather different than most.  I’m featuring two quite different pauschworks into the gallery – a new painting by the always superb Stafford Schliefer from Jamaica, and a vintage work by Gerard Paul (born 1943, Port-au-Prince Haiti).  It’s a fabulous painting of a “Marchande de Toile” or “Textile Vendor”.  Her bamboo yardstick, and oversized scissors make for a wonderful image.  Interestingly, the artist seemingly moved to the U.S. in the early 1980’s, and after a successful artistic career, literally vanished…..


The Schliefer is quite wonderful too.   In “The Catch”, his fisherman are classic figures in a Schliefer work – full of vitality and painted in exquisite colour.  We get an extra little bonus in this painting – a superb landscape, which looks remarkably like Anguilla with St. Martin in the background!

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