On our walk tonight….

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The heat of the day had broken, so off the dogs and I went for what turned out to be a really lovely walk.  From Mimi Bay looking up the road, my Lola had pulled her “Scarlett O’Hara” pose.  You know the one, where she’s been eating radishes after the war, and swears she’ll never be hungry again. 

Once back at the house, I feasted on some of the best seagrapes that I’ve enjoyed for years.  They mature in the late summer, and need a lot of rain and heat (tick, tick) to get sweet.  Right now, they abound all over the Island, and people are stopping their cars to pick and enjoy.  Delicious.


Just heading into the yard, I looked west, and got this fabulous sunset.  Time to wind down now, and see what tomorrow’s sunrise brings.

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  1. Ellen Says:

    Hi Frank:
    Interesting about the sea grapes, I have only ever seen them green, did not know they are edible. Beautiful pictures, always fun to see your posts.

  2. Tim Meyer Says:

    Looks like pinot noir to me!

  3. frank Says:

    The dogs are mystified as to why they’re delayed at the end of their walk while I pick berries off, moaning to them about how good they are. Not as good as their home-baked treats, but good!

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