Remy Jean Eugene

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I’ll often post one or two of an artists’ new work when it comes into the gallery, but I absolutely HAVE TO post all 6 of these amazing new Haitian metal sculptures by a young master (IMHO) Remy Jean Eugene.  I was blown away when one of his works came into the gallery a couple of years ago, and am staggered by the quality of this body of work.  I’ll yak no more, and let the pics do the talking………..remy birdremy fishremy goatremy lambremy snailremy turtle

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  1. Emily Crowe Says:

    I love those! The whimsy of the bicycles and the creatures really appeals to me. I’d love to know the story behind them, if there is one…

  2. Adele Miller Says:

    Love these!! reminds me of the old saying about a fish without a bicycle.

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