Rendezvous Bay Today

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Just one of those amazing Anguilla days today. ¬†Enjoyed a walk and swim on Rendezvous Bay, and SO happy I remembered to bring my camera…………r1r2r3

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  1. EllenLV Says:

    Look at that water, if I had not seen it for myself, I would never believe it was real. RBH was the first place we stayed, we arrived on AA Eagle in the daytime from Miami (I think), we got a cab and headed to RBH, we drove down that long, desolate road, and I kept thinking “please let it be good”, omg, when I saw that water through the trees, I was hooked. We can hardly wait to get there and never want to leave. It is our be all to end all, we love it so much. Thanks for always making me smile Frank.

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