Rum Baba @ Jacala

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I really enjoyed lunch today at Jacala, as always.  Chilled rose, a rum punch to start, and that fabulous lobster club sandwich that Alain makes SO well.  We all finished lunch off with this little masterpiece, a banana sorbet-filled Rum Baba, now on the dessert babamenu. It’s just so freaking good!  If last’s week’s posting got Ellen’s comment of “Ewww”, I bet this week gets an “Oooooooooooo”………….

4 Responses to “Rum Baba @ Jacala”

  1. EllenLV Says:

    I saw a picture of Trudy’s lobster and I thought that was you in the background! You are a lucky dog!!

  2. EllenLV Says:

    Yes, and this picture has me drooling!

  3. Emily Crowe Says:

    *That* looks amazing. I could take or leave a chocolate dessert but I’m pretty much a fanatic when it comes to fruity ones, especially banana ones! Hope it’s still on the menu next summer.

  4. gail granowitz Says:

    Yummy Yummy….this has got me island dreaming already….!

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