Seresier Louis Juste

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In the seminal book on Haitian art, “Where Art is Joy: Haitian Art: The First Forty Years”, the great expert on Haitian art, Seserlden Rodman wrote in 1988 “Two other metal workers of outstanding talent, neighbors of Liautaud in Croix des Bouquets were Seresier and Janvier Louis Juste.  Shearing their way to fortune in the 1970’s, both these artists were ambitious enough to go beyond the small cutout circles the tourists loved to tie to their handbags.  Sometimes they would incise drawings into their figures.  In very large pieces, cut from industrial drums, they integrated birds, bats, mermaids, drummers, horsemen and weird combinations of all five with astonishing ingenuity.”


I’ve just acquired and installed this really quite wonderful (15 x 23″) sculpture in the gallery.  I love these two “Dancers” – can’t figure it out, but just love it!

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