Stafford, I hope you’re reading this!  You’re 76, and painting some of the most vital paintings I’ve seen, in the 20-odd years I know you…………

These two paintings, “Fish Harvest” and “Sugar Cane Reapers” are new to the gallery, and are amazing.  This small “Sugar Cane” painting is one of a series of many that the artist has been working on for over a decade now.  It’s only 16 x 20″,  yet has the energy of an enormous masterwork.  “Fish Harvest” seems just the opposite – a poignant rendition of the lives of fisherfolk.sugarcane reapersfish harvest

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  1. Gail Granowitz Says:

    Hey Frank

    I have a Schliefer from this series (Cane Cutters) and I love it – always amazed by the movement of the piece! Thanks for having one for me!

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