Summer Colours

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It’s been a spectacular summer on Anguilla this year.  Gorgeous trade winds blowing, keep us mostly cool, especially at night.  I was delighted by two very colourful sights this week.  Thanks extendeddragon fruitgecko to Jo-Anne Mason, who brought me in  a Dragon Fruit, grown locally.  Beautiful bright pink innards, and delicious with blueberries!  The other rather lurid colour I saw this week was on my potted “firecracker” heading down the steps of my house.  This very sweet little gecko was minding his own business, and quite graciously allowed me to photograph him.  Just saw him again now – I hope he’s a permanent fixture…..

3 Responses to “Summer Colours”

  1. Jo-Anne Mason Says:

    You are welcome! They are delightful. I do believe you have yourself a baby iguana there Frank. They like fruit and veg. so you may have a new friend.

  2. EllenLV Says:

    Beautiful colors there Frank, really bright and colorful! Those little geckos, sneak up on me all the time down there…scare me half to death!

  3. frank Says:

    Jo-Anne! I have broccoli stem diced and ready to go out tonight. Lots of good info from the Green Iguana Society, on-line…

    Ellen! I have a feeling we scare them WAY more than they scare us!!!

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