Tempus Fugit

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Alas, alas, alas……..  Time flies.  I am VERY pleased and excited to be installing an exhibition of new paintings by Elisabeth Piquet next week.  Elisabeth was living in St. Martin when the gallery first showed her works, and she now lives in the Brittany region of France.  piquet reviewI shook my head in wonderment when I found this review from the St. Maarten newspaper, “The Daily Herald” today.  13 years….  Seems like yesterday, and it seems like a century ago.

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  1. Ellen Says:

    Frank, you must sleep in the freezer, you haven’t changed a bit!! Did you share your secret with Pharrell Williams? Do you have a big hat? 🙂

  2. frank Says:

    Ha! Power-walking and having long chats with dogs and cats are the secret!!!!

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