In his landmark book on Haitian art, “Where Art is Joy.  Haitian Art:  The First Forty Years”, Selden Rodman titles chapter 8 “Sculptors of Genius I.  Jasmin Joseph and Georges Liautaud.”  Liautaud, (1899-1991) was probably the first of all the Haitian metal sculptors, many of whom this gallery has shown over the past two decades.  He was initially discovered in the 1950’s creating embellished iron crosses for above-ground tombs. and enjoyed a long career in Haiti, creating an astounding body of work, and was the innovator to whom an entire group of sculptors came to work with in Croix des Bouquets, still the center for these amazing metal sculpture of today.  This work, new to the gallery, is a very small, yet intensely powerful bird, made entirely of copper, probably dating from the l9liautaud160’s or 70’s.  It’s such a strong and magnetic work, yet only 5″ in length!  A true gem….

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