Thuleaus come to Anguilla

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A wonderful day yesterday – firstly, Paul Elliott Thuleau, his lovely wife Eunice and their enchanting daughter Oumi came to Anguilla for a visit.  Oumi’s not even two, and she’s a charming delight.  First stop was the gallery for a visit – Oumi’s second, and she demanded some quality time with “les poulet and les chat”.  Duly granted.  Off then to lunch at Jacala, which was superb as always.  I had a crayfish salad, which was nestled on a bed of mango coucous.  Uber-yum.  Thuleau was kind enough to bring along this beautiful painting for the gallery, “Case Parpaings” (House of Cinderblocks), which looks exquisitethuleaufrankoumi1 hanging with his other works.

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  1. EllenLV Says:

    A perfect day on all accounts, that little baby is a doll.

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