Tropical Storm Erika

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We really can’t complain much, as Tropical Storm Erica skirted every which way around Anguilla yesterday.  Power, internet and even cable tv stayed connected, and although the winds were rocking late in the afternoon, there was no damage on Island.  Wish we could have some rain, though….  The sea was looking fearsome and beautiful when I took the hounds down to the sea around 6, and the winds had Lucy’s ears going straight back!erika seabreezy lucy

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  1. EllenLV Says:

    Dramatic picture of the sea Frank. Poor Lucy looks scared. Thanks for posting, glad there was no damage, wish you had got some rain though.

  2. frank Says:

    Truth be told, I probably shouldn’t have had her down by the sea so soon after the storm. The other two are nearly as trusting, and stood waaaaaaaaaaay back during our walk that evening!

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