Utopia Beckons

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November 6, and I’m so happy to have the gallery doors open again.  Two months ago, the howling Irmageddon roared.  Seems like 2 years ago.  Seems like yesterday.  Oh, Utopia Beckons is the paint name for the gallery’s roof.  Great.  Right?

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  1. Adele Says:

    Love the name, the color, and the sentiment…..it’s definitely beckoning me :~).

    You’re looking pretty spiffy yourself, too!

  2. EllenLV Says:

    Frank, that is a great picture, you look terrific, and you have Tranquility Wrapped in Blue. I am happy you got your beautiful place open.
    Here’s to a great season.

  3. Gail Granowitz Says:

    Hi Frank! Hope you are well – have contated you via email and phone but can’t seem to get you!! We miss you! Love the new roof color – Gallery looks amazing – wishing you a great season – LMK how to get in touch w/ you. Cheers!

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