Windsong Villa – Anguilla

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I think many of my readers know that the Gallery has a companion business on Anguilla, Windsong Villa.  Located in the east end of the Island, Windsong will start it’s tenth season next year.  Tempus fugit…

I was truly touched by some of the comments this year in the villa guest book.  I’d like to share some excerpts from those pages with you, along with some pics of the villa.

“We are grateful you and David created this “haven”!  It has become funny how many people in NJ ‘know’ where we go in January – “Oh, you’re going back to that place”.  I start dreaming Anguilla dreams in November and only relax when we hit Blowing Point.  Then I know we are ‘home”. ”     Carol and Charlie, New Jersey

“We hope to see you again sooner rather than later.  Thanks for a perfect Spring break.”  Julia and Andrew, Virginia

“The perfect combination of simplicity and luxury, the ability to be isolated and stay connected at the same time – that is Windsong.  We loved to suddenly find Lucy sitting in the doorway, Lola, shyer but who came right in if Frank was nearby, and have Luther show up with Frank a few minutes behind.”  Laura and Dan, Massachusetts

The sun, breezes, company of friends, long walks on deserted beaches, Mimi Bay and sunsets – have restored and uplifted me- healed me”    Gail, New Jersey

“The sounds of nature and the tides as you rest at Windsong are permanently placed in our minds in the tenderest of memories.  You have a beautiful home, and we wish you and Luther and the girls peace and love”  Jane and Denise, NYC

“As I end this note we are soaking up the last bit of sun, listening to the sweet birds and watching the palm trees sway!  Until next time…”  Jack and Sarah, Rhode Island

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