Windsong Villa

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I’m always touched and delighted to read the comments of my villa guests – here are a few excerpts from the past season…


“To our beautiful Anguilla, Frank you help us purge the tension of everyday life, and you do it with fun filled beach adventures.  Thanks Frank, Luther, Lola and Lucy for another great visit.”   The B Family, Toronto

“Our first visit to this beautiful Island was more than we ever dreamed.  The goal was to book a vacation where we could get away from the stress of a years worth of hard work.  We more than accomplished out expectations.  Great restaurants, beautiful beaches and extremely welcoming people made this a trip we will never forget!”   Peter and Jimmy,  Massachusets

“A few special pleasures of mine: strolling down the road behind Frank’s house to watch the sunrise over the sea (yes, I know you can see it from the roof, but I like to be right there) and exploring the rich ecology of the coral landscpae (above ground).  Swimming under the stars just before bed.  This Island, Windsong and Frank – all very special.”   Carol and Bill, Pennsylvania

“Another fabulous visit here…thank you Frank for being such a wonderful host in your villa.  We cannot wait for our return to Paradise!”   Jack and Sarah, Rhode Island

“Frank, we’re believers!  You can add us to the list of Windsong guests whose comments, over the years, speak volumes about it’s special charms.”  Bart and Judy, Pennsylvania

“This villa is pure serenity”   Ben and Chris, Florida

“End of another glorious stay in Anguilla @ Windsong Villa.  Don’t know where the time went.  Enjoy everything, never miss a sunrise or sunset, and listen to ALL of Frank’s reccos.”   Adele and Arnold, Massachussets

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