I’m so pleased to be exhibiting the work of Antoine Chapon, based out of St. Martin.  These oil on carboard gems are all based on Anguillian landscapes.  Their etheral quality is exquisite.

The Island lost SO many beautiful mature trees during Hurricane Irma.  I wanted to hug them all where they lay.  We have to thank Anguilla’s own Jo-Anne Mason, for portraying in her art some of the storm survivors.  Very beautiful paintings paying tribute to these sturdy and strong ones.

It was SO nice to drop by this afternoon, and have a Ti Punch (or 2) at the newly rebuilt Straw Hat.  The place looks great, and it was wonderful to be greeted so warmly by Anne, Peter and their crew!

The Art @ Quintessence

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The interior design at Quintessence Hotel is spectacular (Ausberg Interiors in Birmingham Michigan), and it helps to showcase this magnifacent collection of Haitian art.  Curated with a very fine and discerning eye through many years, the collection has a strong focus on a handful of Haitian masters, Henri Robert Bresil, Jasmin Joseph, Serge Jolimeau and Roland Blain.  As I often do, I’ll let these pics do the talking….

Julian’s @ Quintessence

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Oh me.  Oh my.  Words barely begin to describe the beauty and luxury of Quintessence Boutique Hotel on Long Bay, here on Anguilla.  Their restaurant, Julian’s, dazzles as well.  Dominique Thevenet (formerly at CoveCastles) is their chef, and lunch today was superb.  A great salade ni├žoise is always appreciated, but in this version, the tuna is seasoned with lavender.  Outrageous!   


Always a pleasure to welcome Jean-Pierre Straub to Anguilla.  Remarkable to realize I’ve been exhibiting his marquetry for almost a decade now.  His most recent work features more colour, and the effect is exquisite.  From right to left are “Jardin Tropical”, “Camopi” & “Case au Bananiers”.


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Just noticed, but a tiny new turpentine tree is starting to grow from the stump of my profoundly old tree which blew down in the hurricane!  So cool!

Victor Hempel – Dolphin Bowl

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Along with the Nature Boards, the artist also shipped this superb “Dolphin Bowl”, carved from red cedar.  It’s exquisite, and at almost 5 feet across, would command the attention of any room.

I first met Victor Hempel 6 years ago.  His boat/home was anchored in Road Bay, and he was walking past the gallery whilst exploring Anguilla on his first visit.  His sculpture is now regular (fabulous) fare here, and I am extremely pleased to have received this recent group.  I’ll have all the new work up shortly, but in the meanwhile, enjoy viewing these works, “Nature Board – Octopus”, and “Nature Board – Wave”.

Haitian Metal Sculpture

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I’m opening the season with a small exhibition of Haitian metal sculptures, all around the theme of “Tree of Life”.  It’s a subject that these artisans return to frequently, and is especially poignant as the Island builds its strength back up from our very strong roots.