Sandy Hill, Anguilla

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I pretty much always respect an artist when they see a work of theirs in the gallery, and know it could be tweaked for the better. So be it with Jo-Anne Masons’ “Sandy Hill, Anguilla”. Painted in 2017, the artist took it back to her studio last summer, and this work emerged. A great addition to the gallery.

Sunday lunch

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Blackened lobster and shrimp tacos today at Straw Hat, on always gorgeous Meads Bay. Add in one of their famous ‘ti punches, and I’m a happy lad….

Art humour

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I love all the new Mikerson sculptures, but I really give a HOOT about this one….

Third dimension

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I didn’t know if you could see the third dimension in these Mikerson sculptures, in this case individual fish, welded then onto posts, which get welded onto the main sculpture. I believe it’s rather unique in this particular genre of metal scilptire

One of the great gallerist temptation is to take home every gorgeous work one happens to fall in love with. But no, I shall be a good lad, as I’ve just installed seven new Jean Mikerson sculptures. He’s an artist from Haiti, and these works are created using recycled metal from 55-gallon oil drums.

Christmas Winds

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We wait for them every year, ’cause we know they’re coming. Christmas Winds! Cool and refreshing, and Jo-Anne Mason has captured their essence with her new painting, “Christmas Winds, Sea Rocks”.

More Ecks!

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Exquisite new paintings by Francis Eck have arrived at the gallery. Originally from the Alsace region of France, Eck creates his work with oil paint and a pallete knife. He literally sculpts these gorgeous paintings.


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New to the gallery, small, 9 1/2 x 7 1/2″, and absolutely exquisite. “Cocotiers”, by Jean-Pierre Straub.

Tis the season

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To be, um, jolly……