Lula says…………

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“Is this the strangest looking dog ever, or what?”

Serge Jolimeau

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The gallery takes great pleasure in hanging this exhibition of new metal sculptures by Serge Jolimeau. Jolimeau worked with the great sculptor Serisier Louisjuste, himself a former apprentice to Georges Liautaud. I’m delighted that Quintessence Hotel, here on Anguilla, installed their acquisition adjacent to a vintage Murat Brierre work.

Dinner at Veya

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I’m all outta adjectives to describe this quite wonderful dinner at Veya last night. I’ll let the pics and their own menu description do the talking.

Lobster Fritters with Lime Chili Aioli

Korean BBQ Pork Tenderloin, Cucumber Kimchi Caulfllower Parsnip Puree



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n. the relaxing or easing of tension, esp. between nations.

Today at Jacala

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Many lovely things made me happy today at Jacala, but this tomato soup shone. Rich, velvety and flavorful, it was a delicious distillation of local tomatoes. The dumpling of chevre and chive put it over the top.

Just received these three gorgeous lush still life paintings by the Haitian artist Pierre-Louis Riche. So beautiful! Details in the “Haitian Art” section, after clicking the artists tab at the top of the page.

Many thanks to Bordeaux-born, St. Martin-based artist Antoine Chapon for sending across 10 new works to the gallery. Included in this group, are 6 watercolours, which absolutely “sing” on the gallery walls. As always, to see details on the works, click on “Artists” at the top of this page, then click on his name for pics.

Kim Workman – Melusina

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As many know, the gallery has featured Haitian art depicting mythological figures in a variety of media. I personally love “La Sirene”, as she appeared in metal sculptures, vodou flags and paintings. Now, the always-talented Kim Workman has taught me about “Melusina”, a mermaid figure from Celtic folklore and mythology. In this exquisite work of art, just arrived at the gallery, the artist uses the same technique as her “fish rubbings”. The artist has done a rubbing of a friends’ (I hope) face and body, and from that, created this painting. There are some beautiful raised areas (nautilus, seahorse, lobster), which Ms Workman has created with acrylic and crushed marble paste. The fish rubbings are juvenile African pompano, and rubbings of tarpon fish scales were used to create scales on her thighs! It’s the second multi-canvas work I’ve had of hers in the gallery. I love this paining!

Fun Day Friday

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What a great day to join friends for lunch at Jacala with my new little guy Lula. A very sweet 3 month old from AARF He was a perfect gentleman, and even cavorted with a labradoodle named Ted! Oh, the crayfish risotto was devine…