Utopia Beckons

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November 6, and I’m so happy to have the gallery doors open again.  Two months ago, the howling Irmageddon roared.  Seems like 2 years ago.  Seems like yesterday.  Oh, Utopia Beckons is the paint name for the gallery’s roof.  Great.  Right?

Awesome lunch/Great value

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I am SO pleased to have made this discovery recently!  Best Buy in the West has hired Chef Smoke of Smokey’s fame for their take-out section.  The Island is still working hard to clean up post-Irma, and these delicious lunches give SO many of us a superb repast at great value.  Today I enjoyed this fall-off-the-bone glazed cornish hen with macaroni, rice and peas and perfectly cooked veggies.  I never speak of prices in my food reviews, but all this was only EC$27., or about ten bucks.  Can’t be beat! Read the rest of this entry »

I’ve had this quite beautiful Victor Hempel sculpture in the gallery for a little while now, and I just had it mounted onto a base, and I think it looks great.  Titled “The Chase”, the subject matter comes from Victors ocean travels.  Basically, that marlin is chasing a school of tuna for lunch.  That little tuna at the bottom is slowing down to have a look back, and well….  Mahogany sculpture on a mahogany base.

Sublime Sunset

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Just in with Liam and Lucy.  Saharan dust sits high in the sky the last few days, making for some stunning sunsets.

First flowers

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Well, the Island is greening up again, and I delighted to see these 2 flowers bloom back on trees that were stripped clean a month ago.  The cordia tree (orange flowers) is crammed with hummingbirds and bananaquits.  

Art is everywhere

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Driving around the Island today, and came across this quite wonderful mural painted on the side of a barbershop in South Hill.  The artist is Moreno Francesca, a gentleman on Anguilla from the Dominican Republic, whose works I’ve known for many years.  ┬íMe gusta!  Oh, I’m posting blog pics from my phone till my electricity’s back, so to see the entire mural, just tap in the detail above.

Hurricane Irma’s aftermath

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I guess everyone on Island will have their own stories of the passing of Hurricane Irma.  I hunkered down in my house, listening to the roar, with new sweet puppy Liam basically on my head.  That next day, I hitched into town, as my exit road was blocked.  Just about fell to my knees in prayers of thanks when I saw the gallery intact and unscathed.  Shocked to see beautiful old Rose Cottage next door demolished by the winds!   The clean up and rebuilding are well under way, and I notice great strides forward daily.

A really quite perfect day.  Boat racing on the horizon (part of Summer Festival), a group of great friends at the table, and these really quite remarkable lobster, shrimp and mahi tacos.  A ‘ti punch to start, some lovely rose wine with, and a swim after…..

The best waiting room

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I had to wait a minute or three for someone to arrive at their office this week, and was delighted to pass the time under this absolutely gorgeous mango tree.  I have been sworn to secrecy not to reveal its’ location!

Eugene Jacques – metal masks

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